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Welcome to the ΤΔΦ – SHU Alumni Website

the site for alumni brothers to keep in touch and share the past

Happy New Year 2019!!!  Our best wishes for a great year to all visitors to our website.  Have a happy, healthy, and fun year in 2019!  

New Group Photos.   Well, maybe not new, but new for our site.  We recently got hold of the 1968 and 1969 annual fraternity shots. This is the 1st time that photos of many of our brothers have made it to the website.  The photos feature many brothers we have not seen or heard from in a very long time. Or for you "younger" folks, maybe never. Check them out at the Annuals tab.

Football.   Disappointed in the boring Superbowl?  Tired of Tommy?   Not ready for AAF?  Well fear not.  We have turned back the clock to show you what a real football team looks like.  So put on your throwback jerseys and check out our team.

Spring Formal 1971.   From the Spring of 2017, let's reverse the year's digits and go from 17 to 71.  That's 1971.  Reminisce with a shot from our Spring Formal 1971 -- that's 46 years ago !!!  Thanks to Bob Marino for the memories.

Reunion 2013 -- A huge success!  A reunion get together was held on Friday, March 22, 2013 at the Blackthorn’s Pub in Kenilworth, NJ.

Our biggest turnout in years!  The photos have arrived.  Check out the details and photos at the Reunion 2013 page.

The Zeta Connection.   We have some new photos from back in the '70's.  Terry Lavin, now Kuboski, from Zeta Chi Rho sorority, was surprised to see herself in the Spring Formal 1971 shot.  She sends her regards to all.  She had such a good time browsing thru our photos, she sent us a few of her own for our enjoyment.  You can check them out at the Zeta Connection.  Thanks, Terry.

And what about now?  A few Zeta Chi Rho sisters got together in July 2012 to celebrate Nancy Buckley's retirement.  (Yeah, Jim retired too.)  We are delighted to capture the occasion for the Tau Delt site.  Visit the ZXP Sisters link for a look at their get-together.

Spring Fever 1971.   We have acquired an oooold flyer from our joint Spring Fever Mixer with ZXP.  Who can forget those nites at the Savoy!  Thanks to Terry K for the keeping this old, er, stuff.

You can dress them up, but... it still didn't save the chapter.  Apparently, in the latter years of our chapter's history, a rather formal dress code was instituted for fraternity meetings.  Get a load of this group shot from 1985 that we just came across.

Mini-Reunion 2009.   After 37 years,  a small group of brothers reunited to reminisce about the good old days.  And for old-time's sake, they returned to South Orange for a toast.  Or two.  Check out the photo at this link

Memory-al Day 2009.   A group of the old-timers got together to kick-off the summer of 2009 and share some old memories.  You can check out the, er, youthful crew at this link

Green Initiative.  Our alumni group has expressed interest in championing conservation.  Join our brothers taking steps to save our planet.  Take a look at our first efforts at our Green Page.

Old Timers Day?  Thanks to Joan Rahill and John Vogler for the vintage shot of the 1967 boys.  We think we've got the names right, but if we got any wrong, please drop us a note at

Charter Presentation.  We also added a photo from the Charter Presentation showing Mike Rahill receiving our chapter's charter from Grand Consul Morton H. Flock.

Recent Reunions.  On November 26,2004, we held our first reunion in 24-years!  We have since held several more.  For details and photos from the 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. and 2013 Tau Delta Phi reunions, check out the Reunions link.

Reunion 1980.  Reunion 1980 took place in 1980, not 1981 as had been previously published.  (And hence, we cleverly renamed it.) Thanks to Suzanne Ziobro for the correction.  Her bridal shower was the following day and distinctly recalls having partied a bit too much at the reunion. Check out our crew from the 1981 1980 Reunion.

Help!   Help us keep this site interesting.

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