Reunion 2008

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November 28, 2008 TGI Fridays East Hanover, NJ

Reunion 2008 -- John's Banner
Fred, John, Bob, Joe, and Sil display John's banner
Reunion 2008 -- Modesto's Banner
Dave, Modesto, Fred, and Armando show off Modesto's banner


Sil Basile
Brian Boucher
Dave Bucco
John Conforti
Lou Criscuoli
Modesto Fiume
Fred Hagen
Bob Marino
Dave Pastore
Greg Renner
Harry Spitzfaden
Luke Schroeder
Armando Silva
Joe Silva

Battle of the Banners

The dueling banner saga:  About a month before the reunion, Modesto Fiume discovered our website and wrote us that he was in possession of our banner. It was hanging in his dorm room at Boland Hall and he had it for 32 years!

For quite some time, John Conforti had been insisting that the banner was somewhere in his house, but he misplaced it when he moved.  He had looked for it for a few years to no avail -- until suddenly, he claimed he found it!

Who to believe? ??

Both John and Modesto brought their banners to the reunion to square off.  It turns out that there were two banners after all!  John's was a pretty standard affair with the Greek letters, ΤΔΦ.  Modesto's had elaborate lettering with the fraternity crest.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words -- judge for yourself.  We'll let you guess who had the authentic banner and won the Tau Delt "Battle of the Banners".